Not everyone is happy with plan to scale back CQ schooling

A weekly remote learning lesson plan from Mary Mother of Hope

While we don't have all of the answers yet, we are committed to providing the best possible academic services to all of our students.

From a health perspective she said teachers regarded schools as playing an important role in providing a safe, regulated environment for children that was often better for them than the alternative of being at home or wandering the streets and shopping centres. Teachers for each of the students will provide a cover sheet explaining the lessons for the week. "We need to celebrate this in a new way", Hofmeister said. "I can make my own schedule for the week to complete my assignments based on what is going on in my household'".

This will include digital options that many students are now using.

For the younger students, however, learning is taking place in a different fashion. The live feed was my students' idea, brainstormed in a hurry after school on Thursday after the closing was announced. Additionally, most of the lessons are asynchronous so that students can do them whenever they can, and families are able to define a timeframe that works for the family's situation. About 3,000 families responded, and about 4% indicated their children would not have access to a computer device or the internet. Students who do not have access to technology, will be provided with printed packets with the same classroom materials that are being provided electronically.

Proctor High School Principal Tim Rohweder said he is talking with area high school principals about events they had planned in May. "We have a lot of parents bringing their kids to pick up lunch so they can wave out the window". "We are trying to be all encompassing so can be all about learning during this hard time".

At-home public-school is uncharted territory for many students and teachers, but they are willing to learn. "The schools have tried to reach out to all of our students".

Chris Moon teaches 6th grade language arts and science and high school economics with the Marcola School District. The thought on that date was that some parents might want to keep students at home for their safety, and the school wanted to give those students the opportunity to participate in their classroom via Skype.

"As you can imagine, developing a plan for 247,000 students while schools are closed and on an extremely tight timeline, is challenging to say the least", he said. The younger students, meanwhile, will speak individually with their students once or twice each week.

Long-term school closures look increasingly likely thus it is imperative that school districts come up with plans that serve all students. "If anything, we have found the silver lining in that remote learning has allowed us to truly differentiate and individualize learning for children". By April 6th, all teachers will be providing remote learning.

"I have been teaching English since 1989". He said they are looking at providing allowances for federal Title 2 money, which is earmarked for activities that strengthen the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other school leaders. The most recent of these saw 35 parents participate online.



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