Neil Diamond Sings Updated Coronavirus Version of ‘Sweet Caroline’

Neil Diamond Rearranges “Sweet Caroline” to Encourage Hand Washing and Social Distancing
	by Emily Wilson

Music icon Neil Diamond is trying to bring a glimmer of hope and positivity into the lives of all those stressing over the coronavirus pandemic right now.

On Sunday, Diamond, 79, uploaded a video to his official Twitter account where he sat before a fireplace as he addressed fans watching the video. The tweaked version of this song is being well received by his fans all over the world.

That's very different advice from the original "Sweet Caroline" lyrics, which reference "touching hands" and "reaching out", but at least the "ba ba ba" of the 1969 classic's chorus remains the same. "Give it a try, okay?"

As many musicians are staying in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, some of them are taking this time to come up with new songs to educate the masses. "Palms, washing fingers/Reaching out, don't contact me me, I received't contact you", he continued, updating the unique lyrics for his tens of millions of Twitter followers.

Neil Diamond shared a real gem on social networks this weekend in auto-quarantine.

Since it was posted on Saturday evening, Diamond's video has already amassed more than 830,000 views.

If you must meet with others, make sure you stand at least six feet apart.

The CDC also recommends frequent and vigorous hand washing using soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.



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