NCAA Changes Mind About Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence's Coronavirus GoFundMe

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The news comes about two hours after The State published a story that said NCAA rules prohibited Lawrence and Mowry from having a GoFundMe page for coronavirus victims because athletes can not use their name, image and likeness for crowd funding.

The more things change in the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, the more the NCAA stays the same - or at least it seemed that way for a while Tuesday.

The Clemson quarterback and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry started aGoFundMe for COVID-19 victims Monday. "Sorry for all of the drama and all of the confusion but we got it worked out".

When Clemson compliance officials learned about the page, they asked Lawrence and Mowry to deactivate it based on their interpretation and enforcement of NCAA policy, which does not allow the use of name, image and likeness for crowd funding.

After some initial uncertainty, Trevor Lawrence and the NCAA are officially on the same page.

The pair said they are instead going to donate that money to No Kid Hungry and Meals on Wheels, however it's unclear if they will be allowed to do so as NCAA rules prohibit the use of the fundraiser in the first place. Clemson Athletics also issued a statement of their own on Twitter.

"Shoutout to the NCAA".

They raised almost $3,000 in a very short amount of time, but Mowry revealed on her Instagram account that the NCAA caught wind of the fundraiser and put a stop to it. Thank y'all so much for granting a waiver. They explained that they're going to figure out the best way to raise the money as fast and efficiently as possible and to reach as many folks as they can. They raised over $2,600 when.... the NCAA forced them to shut it down. Subsequent to that, though, it was clarified that Clemson's compliance department had shuttered the fundraising effort.

Lawrence added: "I just wanted to thank the NCAA, really". We applaud and appreciate their swift action in permitting this activity to help people in a time of need.

Mowry was asking for COVID-19 relief donations Tuesday, urging her Instagram followers to help out.



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