Mobile Launches $15/Month 5G Wireless Plan, But There's A Major Catch

T-Mobile Launches Cheap New Plan With Limited Data for COVID-19 Era

The less expensive phone plans were supposed to launch once T-Mobile's merger with Sprint was finalized, but the operator said it made a decision to offer early starting tomorrow (March 25) in response to COVID-19 to ensure affordable plans when people may be faced with financial stress. As a result, the FCC-backed temporary authority will help T-Mobile to better serve customers who are making adjustments to their daily lives by practicing social distancing, thereby controlling the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Metro by T-Mobile is also adopting the same $15 rate for unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of high-speed data.

T-Mobile Connect was announced in November of 2019 as part of 5G for Good – the first planned Un-carrier moves for the proposed New T-Mobile – but in response to customer needs in these trying times, the Un-carrier is launching it this week. This is a new low-priced plan that offers unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of high-speed smartphone data for $15 per month plus tax.

"New and current Metro customers with any voice line can also get a free 8" tablet (via rebate redemption) with a $15 unlimited tablet data plan.

T-Mobile today announced three new low-priced service plans that seem designed for people who need to make a lot of voice calls but are mostly leaning on Wi-Fi for data. "We are still solving weak points and forcing change, but now we will be powered by a supercharged network that is only possible with a T-Mobile and Sprint combined". To put that plan in context, Verizon's 5GB plan for a single line of data costs $55 a month after a $5 discount for autopay.

The paltry 2GB data cap is giving us a bit of pause, as the increased data speeds of 5G could make hitting that threshold way too easy.

MetroSmart Hotspot devices will also be half off, and the $35 per month data plan includes 20GB of data for the next 60 days.

T-Mobile will launch its Connect budget plan on Wednesday, March 25. Which is the most affordable plan that Metro by T-Mobile now offers. T-Mobile's prepaid Metro subsidiary already offers a 10GB plan for $40 per month. The offer is half the price of the previous one and was scheduled to launch after the company's takeover of Sprint is completed next month. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, these perks are likely to benefit T-Mobile users in the near term without compromising on the entertainment quotient.



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