Man Charged With Terrorist Threat For Licking Items In Walmart

Missouri Walmart Coronavirus Licker Charged With 'Terrorist Threat'

A man has been charged with making a terrorist threat after allegedly recording a video of himself mentioning coronavirus before licking several items in a Missouri Walmart.

In the posted video, Pfister looks at the camera and asks, "Who's scared of coronavirus?" before licking a row of deodorant sticks for purchase.

It added: "We take these complaints very seriously and would like to thank all of those who reported the video so the issue could be addressed".

A New Jersey man was charged with making a terroristic threat and harassment after he was alleged to have purposely coughed on a Wegmans grocery store employee and said he had the coronavirus. "Don't touch your mouth", Pfister reportedly says just before licking the items.

The video appears to have been filmed on March 11 at the Warrenton store, according to court records.

Charges are pending before the Warren County Attorney's office, but police have not identified the man or the charges he faces.

Pfister's arrest comes after a handful of teenagers sought attention on social media apps by filming themselves licking toilet seats as part of a trend dubbed the "coronavirus challenge".

Pfister is due back in court for a hearing on Wednesday.

The footage garnered both local and worldwide complaints, including some from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ireland, Warrenton police said.

He told viewers: "This is of somebody in America, who went to a supermarket knowing the coronavirus is attacking everyone in the United States, and he did this and posted it online".

(@WeAreAPW), where it has since amassed over 4.3 million views.

Police said that he had had prior convictions for burglary, being caught with burglary tools, theft of a firearm, and driving while under the influence and was already known to the police department.

Many social media users had identified the man and said he lives in Missouri which has seen 183 virus cases and six deaths.



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