Italy reports 683 more COVID-19 deaths

People walk through a temporary emergency hospital set up at the Trade Fair of Vienna to treat patients with covid-19

More than three billion people are living under lockdown measures as soaring death tolls in Europe and the U.S. on Wednesday underlined a United Nations warning that the coronavirus pandemic threatens all of humanity. Of that number, almost 8,000 people were confirmed to have the virus in the past 24 hours.

Parliament sat late into the night for a session aimed at approving extending to 30 days a 15-day state of emergency which has shuttered schools, restaurants and most shops.

Coronavirus infection has so far been confirmed in more than 434.000 people worldwide, out of which, more than 19.600 have died.

"To save India, to save its every citizen, you, your family. every street, every neighbourhood is being put under lockdown", Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

"We are approaching the peak", the ministry's emergencies coordinator said.

The government has imposed the curfew since Friday, as the Indian Ocean island nation struggles to contain the spreading of the virus. The country's death toll earlier this week jumped from 6,820 to 7,500.

Since Friday, police have detained 2,682 persons for violating the curfew and detained 786 vehicles, police said.

He said Spain made the request to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation which would pass it on to the member-states' armies.

Some 1,825 people have died from COVID-19 in Madrid - more than half of the country's total.

She did not provide a detailed estimate on the size of supplies that could be shipped to the United States.

This daily government tally accounts for only those dying in hospital but authorities said they would soon be able to compile data on deaths in retirement homes, which is likely to result in a big increase in registered fatalities. "Some centers have already reported dozens of deaths".

Health Officials say more than 47,610 people in Spain are now infected with coronavirus and at least 5,000 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday, mostly in Madrid and Catalonia.

Many countries are now only testing cases that require hospitalisation. "I'm not going to do anything rash or hastily", Trump said. Malaysians cannot travel overseas or drive to other states, but can leave home to buy food or seek treatment.



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