Italian Priest Dies After Giving Up His Ventilator to Aid Another

Priest dies from coronavirus after giving respirator to younger patient

The exact age and condition of that patient is not known, but younger patients who are able to access respirators have a much greater chance of survival.

Don Giuseppe Berardelli, a priest in Casnigo, Italy, died last week after being infected with COVID-19.

About 50 priest have died in Italy of the coronavirus, according to the BBC.

Commenting on Berardelli's selfless act, a health worker in a retirement home in Casnigo said FarodiRoma " I am deeply moved by the fact that the archpriest of Casnigo, Don Giuseppe Berardelli - from whom the parish community had bought a respirator - has given up trying to assign him to someone younger than him.

The story of Berardelli's death was widely shared after Italian media site Araberara reported that parishioners donated a ventilator to Berardelli, but he declined to use the breathing apparatus and instead gave it to a younger patient at the same hospital.

Fr Martin explained that Fr Berardelli, who was from Casnigo (Bergamo), was "a 'Martyr of Charity, ' a saint like St. Maximilian Kolbe, who in Auschwitz volunteered to take the place of a condemned man with a family, and was killed".

She added, "He does not leave us alone, from up there he watches over us and continues to run through the clouds with his motorcycle, who knows how many projects he is doing up there, also for us".

To date, 30 Italian clergymen have died after contracting Coronavirus.

Infected with COVID-19, this is exactly the decision faced by the Italian priest Don Giuseppe Berardelli, 72 years old.

Five further priests who tested positive for COVID-19 have also reportedly passed away in the same city.

"But we do not have certainty", the priest said. Outside of China, the European country was hit hardest by the rapidly spreading virus. He was a priest in a small village northeast of Milan. They fell ill because they were serving the sick.



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