Influencer reportedly hospitalized with coronavirus after licking toilet

Dr Hilary Jones opened up about key worker advice on Good Morning Britain

Some are ending up in hospitals with the deadly virus.

The TikTok sensation posted "I tested positive for the Coronavirus", from his hospital bed on Twitter just days after partaking in the ridiculous viral challenge.

The so-called "coronavirus challenge" - which sees people share videos online of themselves licking objects in public places - has been slammed as "highly irresponsible" by health experts. However, days later he confirmed that he tested positive for the virus on Twitter. The freakish challenge requires people to lick random objects such as toilet seats, grocery shop items and so on.

His Twitter account has since been suspended.

Larz is the same personality who went viral after he documented himself licking an ice cream in a grocery store and replacing the tub as part of another social media challenge previous year.

The coronavirus challenge has led many sharing their videos on various forms of social media.

The video immediately triggered a reaction from those on social media, including The View host Meghan McCain, who criticized Louise's antics.

In Australia, two men being treated for COVID-19 in Victoria have died, becoming the state's first coronavirus fatalities and bringing the national total to 11.

The Tik Tok sensation Ava Louise, a 22-year old started the challenge, which started the imitation of a sick trend called coronavirus challenge.

Larz announced in a since-deleted tweet that he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

She told Metro UK: "I was exhausted of that b***h corona getting more publicity than ME". Hence, to contain the spread of the virus, many countries including China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, the United Kingdom and India have implemented nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

He remarked: "You've got to remember all the bits, the foundation, the powder and god knows what else was going on".

Another one seen doing the freakish coronavirus challenge thing.



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