If You Screen Grabbed the Jamal Murray Video, Delete It Now


Add another National Basketball Association star to the list of famous personalities who had their social media hacked by unknown online invaders.

The girlfriend of Denver Nuggets point guard Jamal Murray issued a plea to fans Sunday on Twitter after an alleged sex tape leaked online. The clip was then followed with four random images that included a "Disposable Bull Bag ** t" add-on.

The video in question popped up on the 23-year-old's IG stories late Saturday night and was deleted a very short time after it went up - but it still left his 450k followers in shock.

Currently, his Instagram account is already up and is free of the posts that made him the talk of the town, or at least in the basketball world. "Jamal Murray out right here getting that SLOPPY TOPPY from a bunny whereas in quarantine, perhaps he is not a fraud in any respect", one other commented.

After that video got released, Jamal Murray became the first National Basketball Association player in league history to hit a game victor off the court amid a virus pandemic.

"I woke up and saw Jamal Murray Trending ..."

Jamal himself has since responded to piracy.

"First and foremost I would like to apologize to my fans. My account was hacheada and we are working with the problem".



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