Google Podcasts app comes to iOS as part of a larger redesign

Apple Announces Universal Purchase for Mac Apps

The launch of Google Podcasts for iOS comes following a new redesign of Podcasts on Android.

This allows developers to share a single subscription across all of their own apps, but doesn't allow apps from several developers to be bundled together in a single subscription, even if those apps are available as individual downloads from the App Store.

Last month Apple announced plans to allow developers to sell Mac and iOS apps as a single "Universal Purchase", which means that by buying one version, you'll get access to the other one automatically.

Most of the new countries are from Africa and Eurasia.

The world's wealthiest tech company was blamed to care less about its clients from small markets, forcing users from such markets to resort to shortcuts such as using fake accounts to be able to purchase apps or extra iCloud storage.

"Today, the App Store gives you the opportunity to connect with users in 155 countries or regions". Apple Arcade is built into the App Store as a special section, with a special subscription model that allows individual apps to be downloaded for free.

Google Podcasts is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and requires iOS 12.0 or later.

Similarly, in-app purchases strategy will be changed as well.

"To safeguard yourself from such threats, it's recommended that you stick to the Play Store for downloading apps and avoid sideloading from other sources", Lakshmanan wrote.

Accept the Program License Agreement update. It's because Apple has not but made the Xcode 11.4 GM out there to builders.

"Completing these steps by April 10, 2020, will help make sure your app is ready to be published as content initially becomes available across new locations".



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