Fitness coach Joe Wicks gives workout fans PE-ek behind scenes

Boris Johnson announced a three-week UK lockdown

The Body Coach fitness author and broadcaster's attempt to keep the nation's children fit during the coronavirus crisis got off to a flying start on Monday morning when more than 800,000 people tuned in to watch his first PE session of the week.

Since the schools closed, Joe has committed to give daily PE sessions to the children at 9 a.m. from Monday to Friday.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Channel 4 have worked with Joe previously and were straight onto him once they saw he was going to be hosting live workouts daily".

"I'm going to take this over".

"Now the BBC want to talk, CBeebies and Channel 4".

"His YouTube streams were viewed en masse, so they offered him a deal to host a daily show for them that would air to the nation to get kids and adults on the go every morning".

"Nothing is signed yet but they are all hopeful something will work out".

As he performed the workout on his Youtube channel, Wicks explained why he was wearing a black support brace around his hand and assured that it would not affect him delivering a routine every weekday.

Of the classes, Jane reported: 'At the end, we feel happier, livelier and better equipped to take on yet another day in COVID-19 lockdown.

One said: "Thanks Joe so much". Don't worry, I got you.

Craig Shimmon, from Suffolk New College and Suffolk Rural, said: "What Joe Wicks is doing is great and as a college, we are keen to make sure everyone stays fit".

Complete with a warmup, workout and cool down, the 30-minute workouts are loved by the kids. "You don't need a lot of room", Wicks wrote of the classes when he announced them on his Instagram page.

Kids may be cooped up in their houses due to the spread of coronavirus, but one online fitness coach in the trying to help them get moving through a creative series of physical education classes.

The classes have already rounded up fans from the celebrity world.



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