FEMA's Gaynor: Using Defense Production Act for First Time

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The administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced Tuesday that the Trump administration has for the first time invoked provisions of the Defense Production Act to speed up the production of coronavirus testing. We can activate America's ingenuity and resolve by immediately providing that financial incentive and direction through the full use of DPA authorities.

Mr. Gaynor didn't say where or how the government would be allocating the test kits, using its emergency authority that President Trump invoked Wednesday. There are some test kits we need to get our hands on. He also said the administration will add some DPA language into federal contracts to obtain about 500 million protective masks.

He resisted calls to use the law at a White House news briefing Sunday, saying "the concept of nationalizing our businesses is not a good concept". "At the last minute we were able to procure the test kits from the private market without evoking the DPA", FEMA press secretary Lizzie Litzow said. New York, New York, Washington and Los Angeles and California - that's where we are And we continue to focus on that throughout the day and until we resolve this supply issue, "said Gaynor".

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly asked the federal government to utilize the act to direct companies to build needed supplies such as gowns, masks and ventilators.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), among others, has urged Trump in recent days to use his new powers to create more respirators, ventilators, masks, and other protective items amid the CCP virus pandemic.

"So we're going to use it, we're going to use it when we need it, and we're going to use it today", said added.

"So, just a little while ago my team came in, and we're actually going to use the DPA for first time today", FEMA Administrator Peter Gaynor told CNN. The president was upset that Gaynor couldn't give CNN an exact number or even a rough estimate of the number of masks the federal government had on hand. "Only the federal government has that power and not to exercise that power is inexplicable to me". "We will use the Defense Production Act to remedy some of those things but, again, we want to understand the entire system before we do something that is counter to our effort".

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul led a coalition of 16 attorneys general on Tuesday in asking President Trump to "fully utilize" the Defense Production Act.



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