Cuomo: Senate Bill Is 'Drop In Bucket'

Legislation needs to be passed before Donald Trump signs the order

Dr Rebekah Gee, head of Louisiana State University's healthcare services division, said that Mardi Gras, when 1.4 million tourists descended on New Orleans for celebrations that included tightly packed street parades, fed the city's outbreak. "It's quick aid and large aid, big aid". At Elmhurst Hospital Center, which serves about one million people in New York's Queens borough, scores of people, most wearing surgical masks, queued up on Wednesday to be tested at a tent outside. It would create a half-trillion-dollar program to loan money to USA corporations and municipal governments, overseen by an inspector general and an oversight board.

The package also includes funds for almost every adult in the country.

Americans reported frayed nerves after days of working from home, unable to take part in many activities and looking after children with no schools to attend.

Gillibrand said the bill was a product of hard-fought compromises aimed to lessen the blow of the virus on everybody. "So that hospitals don't have to declare bankruptcy".

On the topic of the Senate considering a $2 trillion emergency coronavirus package, Cuomo called the bill "terrible" for NY state.

385 people in NY have died due to the virus.

"I've spoken with a number of health officials and there is a good basis to believe that they could work", Cuomo said in a press conference on Sunday. "These numbers don't work".

According to Politico, the Department for Homeland Security has been briefed that New York City's morgues are nearing capacity because of the number of coronavirus victims.

"Once you address that hot spot with that intensity - intense equipment, intense personnel - then shift to the next hot spot", Cuomo said.

"This is just a first step", said Gillibrand.

NY state as a whole, accounting for roughly half the country's known infections, followed California last week in ordering non-essential businesses to close and to direct residents to stay home as much as possible.

He went out of the way to praise Jared Kushner, who "knows NY and is working in the White House and he's been extraordinarily helpful on all of these situations".

Schumer said in a statement that New Yorkers will get $40 billion from the aid package, when the $1,200 checks for each adult and small business, and extended unemployment is factored in.

"What I said to the president and his team is 'Look, rather than saying we have to provide equipment for the entire country at one time, let's talk about addressing the critical need in that hotspot". He estimates that between $60 billion and $100 billion will be spent on NY state.

The action is especially important because Fauci said Wednesday that even when the virus is contained, it likely won't be completely stopped.

In response to that idea, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker said: "There has been some talk over the last 24 hours by some about who this nation might be willing to sacrifice to COVID-19, for the sake of our economic interests". "There'll be more money that's coming in".

"In the event of an overwhelming burden on the health care system, NY will not have sufficient ventilators to meet critical care needs despite its emergency stockpile".

After an acrimonious partisan debate, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate reached agreement overnight on the relief package.



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