China has no new local virus transmissions

China was 'suppressing information' on coronavirus

The date comes more than two months after the city was first sealed off from the outside world. By the end of Wednesday, 541 imported cases had been reported, said the commission, Xinhua reported.

A total of 67 new cases were reported as of end-Wednesday, up from 47 a day earlier, all of which were imported, China's National Health Commission said in a statement on Thursday.

Since December, the country has reported over 81,000 cases of the illness in all, though some 73,000 patients have since recovered.

Similar lockdown measures will be lifted on Wednesday for other cities in Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital.

The city of Wuhan - the initial epicentre of the outbreak - will allow residents to leave from April 8, and allow incoming trains to the city from March 28.

All new patients are people who come to China from overseas, while in mainland China, there were no reports of local infection on Wednesday.

Hubei, home to some 60 million people, reported no new cases on Wednesday and opened its borders.

A supermarket in Wuhan in China's Hubei province which was the epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic.

The flights to resume services exclude worldwide flights and flights between Wuhan and Beijing, Wang Benju, with the provincial department of transportation, told a press conference on Wednesday.

People are now allowed to travel in or out of Hubei as long as they have a "green" health code issued by authorities showing they are not infected by the virus which has claimed more than 3,200 lives in China.

Chinese scientists are hastening the development of COVID-19 vaccines through five approaches -- inactivated vaccines, genetic engineering subunit vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines and vaccines using attenuated influenza virus as vectors.

China is resuming normal operation of road traffic in Hubei province, the country's hardest-hit region by the novel coronavirus, to facilitate the province in returning to normal economic activity, an official notice said.

As the virus abated in Wuhan and Hubei province, over 21,000 medical personnel who were deployed there to control the virus outbreak left the province on Tuesday.

In Taiwan, two people died out of a total of 235 cases reported.

Wuhan reported 38,020 confirmed cases on February 18.



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