At least 385 dead as NY cases spike, hospitals overwhelmed: Cuomo

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Addressing reports that NY hospitals were running out of personal protective equipment, Cuomo assured that hospitals had enough in stock for the immediate need, but not beyond. Almost 1,300 patients were in intensive care, a 45% increase. Governor Cuomo insisted his administration is looking at ways to improve the system to guarantee all COVID-19 patients in need of intensive care receive the help they require.

The $2tn coronavirus stimulus package that passed the Senate late on Wednesday woefully neglects NY, according to Cuomo, who said it allocated $5bn in aid to the state, earmarked only for Covid-19 expenses.

"New York City only gets $1.3 billion from this package - that is a drop in the bucket as to need", Cuomo said.

"We know the revenues are down".

Shortages in personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, are no longer a primary concern, and Cuomo said the state has enough for the immediate future. "I understand people are exhausted, but I also understand that people in this situation are stepping up to the plate and doing phenomenal work".

He added: "30,000 tested positive, twelve percent are in the hospital, three percent are in ICU". But he said the state does not have enough for the expected need in a few weeks, when the virus peaks.

Kelly's sister, Marya Sherron, told the New York Post that her brother had informed her of his illness about 10 days earlier.

"I did, too - and then open up the whole society to business as usual", Cuomo said, before arguing that the "path that refines the public health strategy and starts growing the economy" would involve bringing young people and those who recovered from the virus back to work first before those who are more at risk.

Sherron said Kelly had severe asthma but was otherwise healthy.

At least 1,000 temporary hospital beds at a Manhattan convention center for non-COVID-19 patients are already in the works, along with thousands of beds elsewhere in the region.

Outside New York and New Orleans, other hot spots appeared to be emerging around the country, including Houston and Detroit.

The head of a NY nurses' union said not all hospital workers are getting needed protective equipment, despite assurances from the governor.

Cuomo said NY was still "on the way up the mountain" and wouldn't meet the peak of declared cases for another three weeks.

Cuomo said he's talking with the state's congressional delegation, who like the governor, are mostly Democrats, to change it.

New York City's mayor, Bill de Blasio, on Wednesday expressed alarm at the fact that the city has only been promised $1bn in aid through the same bill, even it accounts for nearly a third of coronavirus cases nationwide. "You can't make a pulmonary critical care doc in a day".

"That is a drop in the bucket as to need", he said. "I am disappointed, I find it irresponsible, I find it reckless".

While the relief plan before Congress would send $5bn for COVID-19-related expenses, Cuomo said the larger issue is lost revenue.

The White House on Tuesday advised people who had visited or left NY to isolate themselves for 14 days, but Governor Cuomo and his medical adviser played down that White House advice.

Diagnostic testing remained a challenge in NY and around the country.

The bill includes $500 billion for large corporations as the USA grapples with a major economic freefall putting it on the verge of a full-blown recession as well as a $367 billion loan program for small businesses and $150 billion for assistance to state and local governments. He said all companies that make ventilators in the USA and Europe could be producing at a rate of 900,000 per year by June.



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