Apple Books Offering Free Books and Audiobooks for Limited Time in US

Apple Offers Free Books and Audiobooks to Users for a Limited Time Only

The dangers of Coronavirus pandemic has moved the world to adapt quarantine as a mean of safety. From there users can browse through several novels from various genres, explore a wide selection of audiobooks, or select a new book from Apple's "First in a Series, Free" tab. Apple Books, the e-book reading and store application for iOS devices, is now offering users in the United States some free books and audiobooks, MacRumors reports.

The title of the statement says "Enjoy the good book with us". It's not known if this offer will be extended to other countries in the near future. Some of the US account users of this application received push notifications informing them about the free services. These free books will help users during the outbreak of Coronavirus in the USA to keep themselves entertained and pass their time productively.

Anyone with an iPhone or iPad can download the titles completely free of charge and numerous novels on offer are the first in a series, meaning it could prove an excellent way to trial that first book you weren't sure you wanted to buy to find out if you liked it.

Want to Read: Keep track of books and audiobooks you'd like to read next by adding them to your Want to Read collection. If you can not find it, wait for Apple Inc to provide the service in your country.



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