Animal Crossing is reportedly the biggest Switch launch ever in Japan

Animal Crossing is reportedly the biggest Switch launch ever in Japan

Animal Crossing: New Horizons producer Hisashi Nogami and director Aya Kyogoku hope that players will use the game as an "escape" from stressful situations in their real lives (via The Verge).

Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold more in the United Kingdom than all other Animal Crossing launch weeks combined, including New Leaf. But don't worry, as the next part runs until April 2020. It's New Leaf that's the current record holder for total sales, but New Horizons is ready to take that crown.

You'll have to complete a few other tasks on your island before you can get the ladder, and the earliest you can get it is the third day you've been playing. That's why we're here with a guide all about how to climb cliffs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons so that you can freely explore your home and gather materials and/or decorate. Instead of two or three items, you'll end up getting up to eight.

To change your outfit and preview all the clothes you have in storage quickly and easily, you'll need some kind of wardrobe.

The anticipation of New Horizons has prompted players to download and play the app, despite the latest subscription service at $7,99 a month, had found many fans disappointed. You'll receive it as part of the furniture customisation workshop, so as soon as he offers it to you, snatch it up.

Tom Nook will give you the blueprint to making the bridge, which means you'll need to be on the hunt for some more supplies.

Even if you don't have a Switch or Animal Crossing, you may have been noticing an influx in memes or started feeling FOMO. There are regularly all kinds of facial hair on offer, which work in exactly the same way as wigs.



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