Almost 16,000 Nebraskans file unemployment claims due to COVID-19

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The previous record was set in 1982, when unemployment claims hit 695,000.

MA contributed to a national increase in the seasonally adjusted number of unemployment claims of 1,052.9% over the previous week. There were 795 claims filed the week prior - a difference of 14,873 claims in one week.

A record-high number of people applied for unemployment benefits last week as layoffs engulfed the United States in the face of a near-total economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus. But as the pandemic escalates, the government's ability to accurately tally these jobless claims has also been impacted.

Data from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that 3.28 million filed for unemployment benefits between March 15 and the 21st.

"There are good reasons to believe that understandable constraints on the capacity of offices to process claims mean that the true picture of layoffs is even worse", Paul Ashworth, chief USA economist for Capital Economics, wrote in a note Thursday.

You can read the full report from the Department of Labor here. New claims for retail was up 1,189%. "The entire department is doing everything we can to meet the needs of this situation and our fellow Washingtonians".



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