3.3 million Americans file for jobless benefits as coronavirus causes economic shutdown

The measure cleared the Senate 96-0 as the US death toll drastically increased

"This comes as a sharp increase from 4,900 initial claims filed during the week of March 8", officials said in a statement.

The good news, if there is any good news in this, is that between state unemployment insurance and the additional funding that will be coming from the federal stimulus bill, many of these people will have a significant amount of their weekly wages replaced. Nationwide, 2.9 million Americans filed unemployment claims.

You can read the full report from the Department of Labor here. "We all know we're not at the peak of this yet".

Revenue has collapsed at restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, gyms and airlines.

The question now is just how many people have been hit, with more job losses expected in the days and weeks to come.

NY is the state hit hardest by the pandemic.

"I'd guess, with the next month or two, we'll lose a third of the oil and gas workers", Peach said.

The spike in Washington's claims mirrors similar increases across the United States, which saw total claims jump to 2,898,450 from 119,238 a week earlier, according to labor department figures.

The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions is encouraging New Mexico residents who are filing for unemployment to do so online, which should make it easier for the state to respond quickly.



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