US Confirms 15th Coronavirus Case, First in Texas

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Hundreds of people, including U.S. State Department employees and their families, have arrived at military bases in California, Texas and Nebraska aboard chartered flights from Wuhan, a city of 11 million that is the epicenter for the virus.

The US is bracing for the new coronavirus that has now struck 60,000 people worldwide to spread in the US, officials said the previous day.

A second case of novel coronavirus has been confirmed in the U.S. among evacuees from China, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday.

He or she will remain so until the Maine CDC receives the patient's test results from the CDC's headquarters in Atlanta.

Messonnier cautioned that at some point the United States was likely to see "community spread".

Only two of the 14 cases are believed to have been transmitted person-to-person within the United States - both between married couples after one of the spouses returned home from a recent visit to China.

But the labs reported that while performing a verification procedure they realized the kits were returning inconclusive results, meaning neither positive nor negative, said senior CDC official Nancy Messonnier.

The new numbers will likely change health officials' approaches.

"We have multiple levels of quality control to detect issues just like this one", Messonnier said.

It's still unclear if the person has the virus, which emerged in China in late 2019 and is characterized by cold-like symptoms that can progress to pneumonia.

More than 800 Americans and family members evacuated from China aboard State Department-chartered flights since late last month have been placed under quarantine - the first imposed by the CDC in 50 years - at one of five U.S. military bases in California, Texas and Nebraska, according to the CDC.

The CDC on Tuesday released 195 people from quarantine at March Air Reserve Base in California after holding them there for 14 days.

She'd originally been dismissed as negative for the disease, but when her sample was actually run and came up positive, the woman was transported back to the hospital. It has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization but has only been the subject of 12 confirmed USA cases, while more than 300 tests here have been negative. That patient is one of 13 now known to be infected with the new coronavirus in the U.S.

'Since airport screening began in mid-January we have screened more than 30,000 passengers.

'Mostly, they are coming in from mainland China, have no symptoms and are not high risk'.



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