Two letter bombs explode at Dutch offices in extortion bid

Letter bombs hit Dutch companies & # 39 in an extortion offer & # 39 | Netherlands 2017 News

Two letter bombs that exploded in two post offices in the Netherlands earlier today, February 12, were reportedly part of a bitcoin extortion scheme demand BTC to stop sending out the bombs.

Police in Amsterdam said: "On Wednesday morning, an explosion took place in a mailroom of a business building on the Bolstoen just before 8 am, presumably caused by a bomb letter".

The devices went off in the mailrooms of an ABN AMRO bank office in the capital Amsterdam and an office of the Japanese copier firm Ricoh in the town of eastern Kerkrade, near the German border.

No injuries have been reported at the mail depots, but police are now at the scenes of the explosions.

The employee threw the letter away and there was a small explosion.

The police have not yet revealed how much Bitcoin the unknown bomber is demanding.

Ricoh clarified that the explosion in Kerkrade damaged its post room but added that "thankfully there were no injuries", although those involved "are of course very shocked".

A third suspected letter bomb found at an ABN Amro branch in the southern city of Maastricht later turned out not to contain explosives but a computer mouse, police said.

Authorities have been investigating a spate of letter bombs in the Netherlands over the last month. Previous targets have included a hotel, a gas station and a real estate agency.



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