Trump rally crowd chants 'lock her up' for Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump

The five-minute video, posted on Trump's social media accounts, shows Pelosi tearing up the speech after Trump honoured several Americans and saluted a Tuskegee airman in the audience.

Many of us news junkies watched President Trump's last State of the Union Address and felt moved by numerous American success stories he presented to us.

It appeared that Trump was referring to Pelosi and Romney, who both have said that their faith guided them to the decision on why Trump needed to be impeached.

Pelosi's deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill asserted that the video was "deliberately created to mislead and lie to the American people" and blasted social media platforms for failing to remove it.

Facebook as well as Twitter came back to fascist Pelosi informing her to extra pound sand, the video did not damage any type of offenses.

The video was seen by almost 4 million people on Twitter, more than 2 million on Facebook and more than 4 million on Facebook-owned Instagram, reports CNET.

In fact, the House speaker did not tear up a copy of the president's February 4 address until the speech was over. This is deceptively altered.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump attended the National Prayer Breakfast, where he attacked his political rivals and claimed that they had inappropriately invoked "their faith as justification" for their decisions to vote to remove him from office.



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