Second Coronavirus Case Confirmed, Third Patient Under Investigation

US health official hopeful some evacuees may be released from quarantine today

The CDC, Skinner said, has "done preliminary contact investigation" and continues to investigate to "see if anyone may have had high risk exposure".

The patient arrived last week on a flight carrying U.S. citizens evacuated from China and was one of four admitted to UC San Diego and held in isolation.

UC San Diego Health spokeswoman Yadira Galindo said in an email that the patient left the hospital "the same way they arrived with all precautions taken".

Schuchat said to date, the US has 13 confirmed cases of coronavirus occurring in six different states.

Two of those cases are believed to have been transmitted person-to-person within the United States - both between married couples after one of the spouses returned home from a recent visit to China. Initial tests for coronavirus came up negative for the patient, and they were released back to the military base for the rest of their quarantine with others on the flight. Many are government employees and their families who are under 14-day quarantine at USA military bases. "They do not wish to bring back this virus out to the general public and possibly infect their own families every time they're published", Wilson stated.

Wilson shared with the request a day following a girl who tested positive for the coronavirus was mistakenly released from UC San Diego Medical Center. The three patients who remain under the university's care are said to be doing well; others have been returned to quarantine.

Greater than 800 USA nationals have been repatriated from Wuhan since January 29 when the primary evacuation flight arrived on the March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, Calif., State Division spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus stated in a press release, including the latest evacuation flights landed Friday.

China's National Health Commission (NHC) found that the number of new coronavirus cases has been trending down over the past few days.

The latest confirmed case comes hours after a senior CDC official Nancy Messonnier revealed that a number of coronavirus test kits sent out by United States health authorities to labs across the country are faulty. Officials say they are reviewing 68 pending cases of coronavirus that range across 37 states.

Another individual quarantined at the base was separated at UC San Diego Medical Center Monday, according to Brubaker.

This is the second evacuee from Wuhan, China, under quarantine at the base to test positive for novel coronavirus.

The facts concerning the mix-up happened the exact same day 195 evacuees were cleared to depart March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California, after clearing their closing screening. Of the 13 cases, she said 11 cases occurred in people who had travelled to or from Wuhan.



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