New gameplay from Blizzard’s cancelled Starcraft: Ghost emerges from a leaked build

StarCraft Ghost start screen

The game was cancelled 15 years ago and we've only ever had snippets of info and small pieces of footage and screenshot tidbits from the cut project.

According to a Twitter user who contacted Kotaku, the leak comes from a work-in-progress build installed to an Xbox 360 developer kit. The company is mostly about live services these days, so Ghost doesn't fit the bill; there's no online multiplayer or opportunities for monetization via microtransactions, which is the basic pre-requisite for any Blizzard game. Nova later ziplines across a battlefield.

But from what can be seen, it appears to be a pretty bog standard third-person shooter with a StarCraft skin over it.

Several videos have already been taken offline, though at least one remains. The footage shows a noticeably more visually polished version of Starcraft Ghost, featuring a lot of similar running and shooting gameplay.

Starcraft Ghost was originally announced in 2002, and was slated to come to the GameCube. It wasn't until 2014 that the game was officially cancelled by former Blizzard president Mike Morhaime, though the writing had been on the wall for over a decade.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has cancelled StarCraft Ghost, and there aren't now any plans to resurrect the project.



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