National Hockey League analyst Jeremy Roenick is out at NBC Sports

Jeremy Roenick will not return to NBC Sports: 'I am very disappointed and angry'

Roenick joined NBC Sports in 2010 as a studio analyst, appearing on NBC Sports Group's NHL coverage on NHL Live and NHL Overtime, NBCSN's pregame and postgame shows.

Yesterday, Roenick apologized for the joke that had seen him suspended since last December. "I will not be returning to NBC", he said before thanking fans for their support and vowing to be back on the air soon "better and more motivated" to share his love of the game.

The suspension came following a series of questionable remarks about fellow hockey broadcasters Kathryn Tappen, Patrick Sharp and Anson Carter during a recent appearance on the "Spittin' Chiclets" podcast. Sports, which had suspended Roenick during Christmas week over inappropriate comments about a colleague in a podcast, said that he will not be returning to his job. "We will have no further comment at this time".

While appearing on the popular hockey podcast that went live on December 19, Roenick recounted a trip he took to Portugal last summer with his wife and co-worker Kathryn Tappen. "It's great", Roenick said about his wife and Tappen. "They've got their bikinis on, and they look f***ing smokin'".

Tappen, who is friends with the former hockey player's wife and previously went on vacation with the couple, described the remark as "unacceptable".

Roenick tried to mitigate the "joke" by noting that Tappen is "one of the most professional" sports personalities that he has ever worked with.

"I was the king of Portugal", Roenick said. The conversation moved over to whether or not Roenick, who was teammates with Sharp during their time on the Flyers, would sleep with Sharp. "It's good to have, again, a attractive face that talks well that knows the game because it's totally the opposite when me and Anson (Carter) get on there", the Boston-born hockey star added.

About former teammate Sharp, Roenick reportedly said, "He is so handsome, I'd have to think about it if he asked me".

Always known for being outspoken and sometimes controversial, even during his playing days, Roenick said in a video posted on social media: "I'm very disappointed and angry today". He played eight seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks and six with the Phoenix Coyotes.



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