Mozilla launches Firefox Private Network VPN app for Android

Firefox releases Android app for its VPN service You still need an invite to try it out, though

While the VPN service is still in a closed beta, the Android app for it is now available. It was launched as a full-device paid VPN service for Windows users, and now, Mozilla has released an Android app for it. There's now a waitlist for beta access, so we haven't had the chance to test the new service, but there are some notable features that help Firefox Private Browsing stand out in the already overcrowded VPN market. Alternatively, you can install the Android app from the Play Store and sign up at the pre-Alpha price of $4.99/month.

With this expansion, Firefox Private Network beta testing is now available on Windows 10, Android, and ChromeOS platforms. Mullvad VPN is well-regarded for its privacy policy and Mozilla says it teamed up with Mullvad specifically because it doesn't log user data.

Mozilla already offers a free VPN service via an extension but it is exclusive to Firefox which doesn't do Chromebook users much good. Most commercial and free VPNs, therefore, don't support WireGuard as of now.

Firefox Private Network also uses the new WireGuard VPN standard, making it one of the few VPN services to run on the protocol. To join the waitlist, just head over to the Firefox VPN page here and drop in your email. As of now, it has 100 plus servers in more than 30 countries, and you can use it on five devices at a time.

It's in a beta testing phase at the moment and in the United States only but is coming to more regions soon. This note doesn't make much sense as users are still asked to ask for an invite for a paid beta service, which is quite unusual.

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