Moto Razr’s Complex Design Makes It Almost Unrepairable: iFixit

Motorola Razr Repairability Score is Unsurprisingly Bad

While it isn't the biggest shocker to find out that repairing a foldable phone is hard, the task of removing the back cover proves to have a boobytrap of the fingerprint sensors cable is attached to it - so enter at your own risk. Are you still thinking of contributing $ 1,499 for the new folding? In fact, iFixit calls Moto Razr the "most complicated phone-based contraption" they've ever taken apart.

It can be recalled that Samsung's initial attempt at the Galaxy Fold was plagued with problems associated with a similar gap as it was widely-believed that debris could get collected in this gap and cause all sorts of problems.

The outlet notes that the Razr's outer cover is glued on pretty stubbornly and that replacing the two batteries requires near-total disassembly of the phone. The teardown also points out that the Type-C charging port has been soldered directly to the mainboard.

According to the iFixit team, Moto Razr has a seriously complex structure. However, it isn't easy to completely fix the first-gen of the Razr handset.

Repairability remains one of the biggest woes when it comes to foldable devices, given that the folding display and hinge mechanisms' reliability is yet to be proven.

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The Z Flip is a new concept that flips the fold from vertical to horizontal, a trick we've already seen from Motorola with their revived Razr, which changes the devices dimensions from a mini-tablet to something that more closely resembles a classic flip phone.



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