'Miss Americana' scratches the surface of Taylor Swift's life and legacy

Miss Americana’ goes behind the scenes with Swift Baylee Friedman

A ten-time Grammy victor and the highest paid woman in music of the 2010's, there is a lot about Swift that many of us can not relate to.

The documentary follows a powerful narrative of always trying to be the "good girl", to becoming too good - too calculated and fake - to shaking off her good girl image to let her voice be heard. Miss Americana tries its best to make Swift appear vulnerable, but all it does is show her as she truly is: tiresome. Swift and Little worked together on a number of tracks from the album including the singles "Me!', "You Need to Calm Down" and "The Man".

Swift goes on to explain the state of mind she inhabits when writing songs, and her preferred working methods.

The film also demonstrates the extraordinary talent, ambition and luck that Swift must have needed to get where she is. "A nice girl doesn't make people uncomfortable with her views". Swift revealed that she thought the crowd was booing her.

It truly establishes the whole reason why she is who she is. Swift's dad discouraged her from doing so, but she soon pressed send on an Instagram post in October 2018 that marked Swift's political debut.

But, in the words of Swift in the documentary, "one bad thing can cause everything to crumble".

"I want to love glitter and also stand up for the double standards that exist in our society", Swift says.

However, Swift comes to the realization in the film about how important food is to her and that she feels much better being a size 6 instead of a size 00. Opening with this idea humanizes Swift despite her iconic status. "Which is a really good revelation because I'm a lot happier with who I am". Discussions of issues faced earlier in her career are treated with maturity and consideration; Kanye's infamous interruption at the VMA awards, over a decade ago, explores the impact of an older and more established male industry figure on the start of a young woman's career. "We do not do that anymore because it's better to think you look fat than to look sick", Swift said about what she says to herself when she is judging her body.

The singer mentioned that her mom's diagnosis helped her prioritize her relationship with friends and family above anything else.

The Miss Americana star never fails to experiment with her makeup. Swift has a heart and feelings, and what people say online does affect her. Another hard subject to address in an otherwise fast-paced documentary, Wilson and Swift find a way to do it justice.

Often at the center of controversy, Swift is given a platform to share her side of the story without immediate comments, feedback or call-outs through Miss Americana.

Among these frustrations are keeping one's opinions out of the limelight, acting proper, and keeping politics out of one's mouth.

There is even a small scene where Swift runs to Alwyn after a show. It's a precious moment that shows viewers the pair formed an unconditional love for each other away from the media's eye.

The moments that are meant to make the audience feel connected to Swift feel like any interview she has done - just longer and placed in a more lonely light.

Swift put away her polite, American sweetheart persona and exchanged it for a fearless, confident and badass identity in a world where women are often told to sit still and look pretty. It gives us an insight into her creativity and works ethics.



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