Leaked Video Of Woody Harrelson In Venom 2 Surfaces Online


However, based on a first look of the image his character Cletus Kasady has had a bit of a makeover.

Assessing by his comfortable body language and unique hand gestures, the spectacle will involve Harrelson's role using his symbiote to both receive the shots and finally hit the agent, with the Carnage influences being joined in post-production.

Award naming Harrelson made his appearance as Kasady throughout a mid-credits scene in the original Venom while reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is called to interview the imprisoned criminal. The character became the first and most well-known host of the evil symbiote that we know as Carnage.

The scene was a bold move on the part of Sony Pictures.

Who is Carnage in 'Venom 2?' Luckily, the PG-13 movie was a smashing success.

Poison He accumulated a huge amount of $ 855 million worldwide during his box office despite negative reviews and a regular response from fans (form your own opinion when choosing the movie here).

The actor took to Instagram on Monday to offer fans a first glimpse at his villainous co-star, dressed to fluoresce, wearing brightly-coloured threads and a solid skull-like necklace.

Last time we caught up with these guys, Sony was aggressively lining up Carnage to spread mayhem in a direct sequel. Well, it looks like Cletus is out, and even though he's got a different look, he's keeping the wild color schemes alive. For the character's post-credits cameo in the Marvel movie, Harrelson sported a truly ridiculous wig that brought Cletus' iconic red hair front and centre. Venom 2 will also feature James Bond franchise star Naomie Harris as Shriek, a Spider-Man villain who is often paired with Carnage in the comics.

Unfortunately, the behind the scenes Venom 2 clip of Woody Harrelson in the role of Cletus Kasady is not exactly the best of quality. He basically assumed the mantle of an anti-hero in the first Venom movie.

Venom has proved to be profitable than any other spider-man movies.

Tom Hardy will play his role as Eddie Brock in the film with Michelle Williams as Anne Weying. In the end, Eddie learned to live in harmony with his murderous symbiote buddy.



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