Josh Norman To Be Released By The Washington Redskins

Paul Richardson Redskins

Josh Norman is ready to "start something new and fresh" after confirming he has been released by the Washington Redskins.

"It's their choice, not mine", Norman said.

Wide receiver Paul Richardson can now be added to the list of casualties under the new regime with head coach Ron Rivera.

That honor coincided with Norman's first venture into free agency.

He has since registered 235 tackles, seven interceptions, eight forced fumbles, 43 pass defenses and one sack in 62 games for the team. To no surprise, he has since struggled to provide them with any bang for their buck after registering just 48 receptions for 507 yards and four touchdowns in 17 games during his two seasons with the team. After the Panthers rescinded the franchise tag they had placed on Norman, he quickly signed a five-year deal with Washington worth up to $75 million, making him the NFL's highest-paid cornerback. He also was asked to play different styles than what made him successful in Carolina, where he played a lot of cover-2 zone.

Things have only soured in the years following and it culminated in Norman being benched towards the end of the 2019 season and ultimately led to his release today.

Meanwhile, Washington still has a number of voids to fill on their roster before the 2020 National Football League season.



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