IPhone 12 may use Apple's own 5G antenna (what could go wrong?)

20170922001317886282 original scaled Is Apple Taking A Gamble On A Rumoured iPhone 9 Release

But this report leaves the door open for Apple opting for Qualcomm's antenna after all if the iPhone 12's designers can't get it to work the way that they want to.

As for who will build the antenna in this year's 5G iPhone, Apple's design plans are surprisingly fluid in the months before its big announcements.

But the rumours surrounding an iPhone 9 is suggesting the model is bound for a May release.

However, such a name wouldn't be completely out of the question, considering that the "SE" originally stood for "Special Edition" and this new iPhone would in many ways be more of the same.

The first, iPhone SE 2, was simply what most of us tech pundits have always been calling the new model simply as a sort of placeholder name, for lack of anything else to call it.

20170919001317632557 original scaled Is Apple Taking A Gamble On A Rumoured iPhone 9 Release

The report claims a combination of Apple's ban on non-"business critical" travel to China, along with a backlog of orders for the rumored low-priced "iPhone SE 2"/"iPhone 9", is leaving engineers unable to travel to Asia to conduct Engineering Validation Tests (EVT) ahead of June when Apple typically sends its upcoming iPhone models into production.

A second report talks about the cameras in the iPhone and iPad Pro, and gives us an expected release date. But that would require Apple to settle for a slightly thicker iPhone than it wants. In the first quarter of this financial year, Apple reported a $83.8 billion (US $55.96 billion) in iPhone sales alone.

Taiwan-based suppliers are preparing for the production of a new, lower-cost iPhone, a device that has been provisionally called iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9, based on payment information shared by DigiTimes. Every new iOS update rules out some of the oldest iPhone models, forcing people to buy the latest iPhone devices. Apple iPhone 11 Pro runs on the latest iOS 13 operating system and offers Face ID for secure authentication.

A customer shows an iPhone X smartphone at an Apple Store in Beijing, China, 3 November 2017.

The phone is rumoured to be launched as early as May this year, with iPhone 12 models coming later this year - speculated around September, which is when Apple usually unveils new flagship phones.



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