Hyundai joins forces with Californian electric vehicle maker Canoo

Hyundai partners with subscription-EV company Canoo to co-develop platform

Editor's Note: When It Comes To EV's, Looks Like One Size Fits All.

The Hyundai Motor Group announced that it will develop a platform for electric vehicles together with the Los Angeles-based startup Canoo.

Canoo said it will provide engineering services to develop the electric platform. For example, it needs to fit a variety of vehicles ranging from small hatches to large vans. Canoo's skateboard design places not only the battery but also the motor and controller under the passenger area, giving more interior space and flexibility in designing a vehicle.

Hyundai said it expects the new platform using Canoo's scalable skateboard architecture to allow for a simplified and standardized development process, which in turn would lower the prices of vehicles made by its two flagship units - Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. Recently, Hyundai is planning to invest $110 million in United Kingdom startup Arrival to make more electric commercial vehicles.

This makes them the ideal technical partner for us as we develop into a pioneer in the future mobility industry, "said Albert Biermann, Head of Research and Development at Hyundai Motor Group, said in a statement". Collaborating with Canoo engineers will design the Hyundai platform concepts, which is artificial intelligence for making independent decisions and which will be accepted by more people.

Hyundai and Kia last year invested $89 million in Rimac Automobili, a nine-year-old Croatian company that aspires to build electric supercars and which is also backed by Porsche AG. "It is a real honor for us to help Hyundai explore EV architecture concepts for their future models".

Canoo_Engineering skateboard

Hyundai Mobis also joined Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors in September to invest a combined $2 billion in a 50:50 joint venture with Ireland-based autonomous vehicle startup Aptiv to develop a self-driving platform with Level 4 to 5 autonomous technology by 2022 and supply it to global carmakers. Canoo recently opened the waiting list for its first vehicle.

Canoo is an American EV startup that aims to provide zero-emission vehicles by subscription only.

The future PBVs will be tailored specifically for shared-service and logistics companies, and could replace traditional vans and commercial vehicles in certain scenarios.

The marque claims this will reduce manufacturing costs, passing savings onto consumers and making EVs more competitively-priced against their internal combustion rivals.

Founded in December 2017 by a group of experienced automotive engineers and executives, the Canoo team has since been complimented by various experts from successful tech and vehicle companies.



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