Google Accidentally teased Android 11 before taking down the preview page

Google briefly teases Android 11 Developer Preview as it begins prepping beta site (Update: Changes reverted)

Google is obviously expected to take the wraps off the next version of Android later this year, and as it turns out, we're closer to the debut of the preview program than we think.

Android Police managed to grab a screenshot of the page before Google reverted the changes. Google will likely release the very first Android 11 beta, the Developer Preview kind of early OS release that targets app developers, in a short while. For example, while it makes sense for the next Android version to be called Android 11, the next-next version has previously been referred to as Android R, so it looks like that not even Google has made a final decision on this. But nothing was official, and it still isn't, given that Google pulled the Android 11 Developer Preview announcement. Time to dust of your Pixels and get them ready to test out some of the new goodies that Google will bring with Android 11. But it's a reminder that we'll not see a sweet treat name for Android again, and 11 will be the second version to be simply numerical. The list also confirms that native support for foldable devices is coming to Android 11, and seems to indicate that the new file sharing feature that leaked a few weeks ago is real. This was a deliberate change. Last year, the first Developer Preview for Android 10 dropped in early March.

Also, RIP, Android R. We completely ditching letters now in favor of numbers from day 1? Sad.

Until now, none of the other text on the page has been updated.



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