Flu Kills Another Child In Wisconsin; Problem With Coronavirus Test Kits

Ruby Hospital in Morgantown

For the last reporting week released, there were no cases of H3N2 reported - only the third week this flu season that has been the case.

According to the most recent numbers released by the San Joaquin County Department of Public Health, 10 people have died of the flu this season - which officially began during the 40th week of a year ago - compared to only 8 through the same time period, which was measured through February 5.

"The CDC says don't travel to China, but the CDC also says travel".

"This makes a total of two [deaths] we've had this year". The number of cases nationally have been increasing in double digits for the last few weeks.

However, there may be less deaths because most of the people who are getting sick are younger and more likely to survive. Across the country, the CDC estimates 16,000 Americans have died from the flu, including 78 children.

30 people in the state have died from flu-related illness.

A new coronavirus continues to grab headlines across the globe but closer to home health officials say residents should be more anxious about an old and annual nemesis: Influenza.

CDC officials continue to recommend vaccination as the best way to prevent influenza and reduce duration of illness. But that means 60% aren't vaccinated for the flu.

"It is not too late to get the vaccine". The vaccine is safe and in adequate supply. Infants under six months can not get a flu vaccine.

He adds that the state probably won't be at peak activity for the flu for a couple more weeks, and then there will be many weeks of high activity.

The ADH said that more than 20,500 cases of the flu have been reported, although that only represents a portion of the flue cases in the state.

Only 13 cases of the COVID-19 have been confirmed in the U.S., yet flu cases for the 2019-20 United States season have topped 22 million-an increase of 4 million cases over a one-week span.

"At this point all I know, and at least what I think it is, is just kind of an on steroids version of the flu", said Ben of Eau Claire.

There is a new wrinkle though.

"We realize this isn't ideally how this could have played out. We hoped to do testing by now, but our quality control systems were able to identify this issue, which is being fixed", Bateman said.

Bateman says part of the test kit is being remanufactured.



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