FDA Recalls Insulin Pump

Medtronic withdraws 300K insulin pumps after death 2K lesions- WCCO

Medtronic is recalling about 322,000 of its MiniMed insulin pumps due to a malfunction that has led to more than 2,000 injuries and one death, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Wednesday.

The exact issue relates to missing or broken retainer rings, which help lock the insulin cartridge into place in the pump's reservoir compartment. As a result of the defect, more or less insulin may be delivered. The recall is classified as a Class 1, the most serious type of recall.

The pumps might have a missing or broken retainer ring. Besides people with diabetes who use the pump, this may affect health care providers who treat people with diabetes using this pump.

If the pump is dropped by accident, check the pump and retainer ring for damage and stop use if it is damaged.

Check the pump and retaining ring every change established to verify that the tank is properly locked.

If the reservoir locks in place correctly, customers can continue using the pumps, the FDA said.

What's covered in this insulin pump recall?

If you or anyone you know is still using the recalled Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump, the company asks they call 24-hour Medtronic Technical Support at 877-585-0166. "We appreciate your time and attention in reading this important notification", MedTronic wrote in the November safety notification.



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