Evidence in trash can links dead neighbor to missing SC girl

Evidence in trash can links dead neighbor to missing South Carolina girl

Investigators found a man dead inside his SC home shortly after finding an item from a missing six-year-old girl who lived in his neighbourhood inside his rubbish bin, authorities said. Police have not released a cause of death, but Sgt. Evan Antley with the Cayce Public Safety Department said the cases are linked. Both bodies were found Thursday after the item was found in the trash by investigators.

After finding the item, investigators were quickly organising a methodical search of nearby woods that had been searched before when Cayce Public Safety Director Byron Snellgrove found Faye's body, Sgt Antley said.

Further details about Taylor's death will be provided after an autopsy scheduled for this weekend is performed, said Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher, who officially identified his body.

Faye caught school bus home before going missing.

Faye went missing Monday.

They knocked on every door in the neighbourhood and Mr Taylor spoke to police in his home before the evidence was discovered, Sgt Antley said.

According to Antley, the evidence that led to the discovery of Faye's body was found inside a trash can outside of Taylor's home.

"At this time I want to assure you, our community and all of our parents out there, that we have no reason to believe that there is an active threat in the ... community or the city of Cayce as a whole", Antley said.

At Friday's press conference, during which he appeared near tears several times, Antley said, "Yesterday was a tough day - possibly the toughest day of many law enforcement careers".

While her body was located in a wooded area of the neighborhood, near one of the entrances, Taylor's body was found in his home, police said.

Police assured residents the area is safe.

Police are treating the girl's death as a homicide.

No suspects have been identified in the girl's death, Snellgrove said.

Swetlik had vanished Monday afternoon while playing in her yard shortly after returning home from school. More than 250 officers and investigators spent the past few days searching for her. They said it did not appear as if she had been where she was found long. Police were called at 5 p.m. It prompted nationwide attention while hundreds of investigators and officers carried out a search. By Tuesday, more than 250 were searching and the Federal Bureau of Investigation was assisting.



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