EKU football player body-slammed officer during arrest, police say

Grove City Police Department

Michael Harris, a linebacker at Eastern Kentucky University, is facing a felony charge of assault as well as three other misdemeanor charges, stemming from his chaotic altercation with police in OH earlier this week.

He then raps his hands from the officers and darts back to the open driver's door of the SUV.

As a Grove City police cruiser pulls up, the dashcam video shows Harris and another officer talking to each other, Fox News reported.

Harris appears to begin becoming agitated as officers pat him down and one places his hand on the back of the player's head.

When officers arrived on the scene ... things took a disgusting turn - because cops say after they confronted Harris, it got violent.

The panic alarm is seen going off.

Harris was hit with a felony charge of assault for the incident, as well as three misdemeanor charges - disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing officials business.

Harris is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges on Wednesday.

Michael Harris in action for Auburn Tigers in 2018.

Harris was taken first to the hospital where he remained aggressive and had to be sedated, TMZ reported.

Cops would eventually search the vehicle of the he 6-foot-3, 245-pound linebacker and find pills and a digital scale that is "consistent with drug use".

Harris appeared in 11 games for Auburn as a reserve previous year, making three tackles, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.



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