Donald Trump Easily Wins New Hampshire GOP Primary against Minimal Opposition

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It's been less than 24-hours since former Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden placed fifth in the New Hampshire primary, producing panic among the "moderates" in the Party that his candidacy might be over.

Trump was declared the victor as polls in the state closed Tuesday night.

The CNN exit poll said that 62 percent of voters are prioritizing the ability of a candidate to defeat the president, as opposed to 34 percent who said that they prioritized a candidate who agreed with them on the issues.

I'll go out on a limb and say that if a Democratic president was engaged in such over-the-top moves, congressional Republicans would be apoplectic.

"We did the proper training, we did all the prep work, and - did the voters know what to expect, did the officials know what to do", Scanlan said. But Trump narrowly lost the state to Hillary Clinton in the general election and is eyeing the state as a pickup opportunity come November.

Trump has benefited from strong support from the Republican Party since then, and his campaign has worked to seize control of the nominating process to turn August's GOP convention into a "four-day infomercial" for his campaign.

Trump appeared in the state on Monday evening ahead of the vote to energize Republicans and to inject some chaos into the Democratic race.

The outcome was a reflection of Trump's strong support among Republicans and his campaign's almost 18-month effort to diminish any significant threats to his renomination.

Most Americans are ready for a new president but believe Trump will likely win reelection, according to a new poll.



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