COVID-19 case confirmed in San Antonio, Texas, 15th case in US

U.S. health officials await invite to assist with coronavirus in China

Dr. Christopher Braden, who leads the CDC's delegation in San Diego the mixup was the result of a labeling issue.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday the first person in the state is being tested for coronavirus while stressing risk to the public is low and that the person has agreed to stay home until testing is complete.

But she said the CDC received word that the tests weren't performing as expected and that the state labs were getting inconclusive results. Apparently, one of the reagents used in the tests wasn't performing consistently.

"Things may not always go as smoothly as we may like", noted Dr Messonnier.

Each kit can test 700 to 800 specimens from patients, said CDC. They've been placed under federal quarantine, the first used in five decades, at military bases in California, Nebraska, and Texas.

'Since airport screening began in mid-January we have screened more than 30,000 passengers.

The likelihood of getting the disease is still low in the United States.

All those under quarantine are being closely monitored to contain the spread of the virus, the CDC said.

As of 6:10 a.m., Thursday, Hong Kong time, China reports 1,363 deaths directly attributable to Covid-19. Currently, a three-member advance team from the WHO is in Beijing to meet with Chinese health officials and flesh out details of the joint mission.

The fast-spreading virus has killed 1,370 people and infected about 60,000, almost all in China, constraining the world's second largest economy and handing the ruling Communist Party one of its most hard tests in years.

She added that the CDC, in its outbreak planning, isn't counting on a drop in virus activity as the weather warms.

More than 600 people who returned to the United States from Wuhan on chartered flights remain under federal quarantine at three USA military bases - JSBA-Lackland, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, and Camp Ashland, an Army National Guard facility in Nebraska. Fewer and fewer are coming in from China, especially from Hubei, ' said Dr Messonnier. However, it did run through a second test and within 24 hours of the "mishap" the patient was found to be infected with the coronavirus.

BARDA Director Rick Bright, PhD, said, "With emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19, speed is crucial to saving lives and reducing further spread of the virus".

So far, there have been just two known cases of human-to-human transmission in the U.S. but, after hopeful signs the outbreak might be subsiding, China Thursday reported a huge surge of more than 14,000 new cases.



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