Coronavirus death toll leaps in China's Hubei province

Coronavirus death toll surges to highest in one day in China`s Hubei province

Pressure on local officials for their perceived incompetence has mounted particularly after the death last week of a Chinese doctor who was punished by Wuhan authorities for raising the alarm about the new virus.

Former Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong succeeds Jiang Chaoliang as the ruling Communist Party's chief in the beleaguered province, the Xinhua state news agency reported, while Wang Zhonglin will take over from Ma Guoqiang as the party secretary in Wuhan.

"Presumably, there are deaths which occurred in people who did not have a lab diagnosis but did have a CT". It also requires a quarantine of U.S. citizens who have recently visited Hubei province in China.

The commission said it looked into past suspected cases and revised their diagnoses, suggesting that older cases were included in Thursday's numbers.

But the World Health Organisation had warned that the apparent slowdown in the spread of the coronavirus epidemic should be treated with "extreme caution".

"A virus is more powerful in creating political, social and economic upheaval than any terrorist attack", Tedros told reporters in Geneva.

There are now more than 60,000 cases of COVID-19 worldwide, with all but about 500 in mainland China.

A cruise ship which had spent two weeks at sea after being turned away by five countries over fears that someone on board might have the coronavirus arrived in Cambodia on Thursday, satellite-tracking data showed.

Authorities in Hubei have been accused of concealing the gravity of the outbreak in late December and early January.

United Airlines said it would extend cancellations of all US flights to China through late April, meaning all USA passenger carriers flying to China had now cancelled flights into late April.

Several countries have banned arrivals from China, while major airlines have halted flights to and from the country, as hundreds of people have now been infected in some two dozen countries.

As he was speaking, organisers announced the cancellation of the 2020 Mobile World Congress, due to be held in Barcelona this month, due to "global concern" over the infection.

He said countries should be "as aggressive as possible" to contain the spread of the disease and prevent it from being transmitted regionally.



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