Army can avoid Huawei threat with investments in United States carriers, secretary says

White House Official Says Huawei Has Secret Back Door to Extract Data

Indicating that such an infiltration attempt is not possible, Huawei officials state that the focus of the charges is that their team is very limited, and that the objective of this team is to fix the problems on the networks.

In short if the United States truly wants to convince the world to not only ban Huawei, but to also spend the money needed to rip its equipment out of every network on Earth, (a particular issue for cash-crunched rural operators) it's going to need to provide more than some unverified claims in the Wall Street Journal.

A report by The Washington Post this week reveals how the Central Intelligence Agency has been using a crypto company for decades to monitor other countries. Canadian Police Illegally Shared Information on Huawei Executive: Lawyers.

"U.S. allegations of Huawei using lawful interception are nothing but a smokescreen - they don't adhere to any form of accepted logic in the cybersecurity domain", the tech giant said in a Wednesday statement to FOX Business.

Huawei pushed back on the allegations, saying the company "has never and will never do anything that would compromise or endanger the security of networks and data of its clients". The Wall Street Journal is plainly conscious that the United States federal government can't offer any proof to support their accusations, and yet it still picked to repeat the lies being spread out by these United States authorities. It is impossible for Huawei to access them, according to Huawei.

The Chinese company Huawei can secretly tap into communications through the networking equipment it sells globally, a USA official charged as the White House stepped up efforts to persuade allies to ban the gear from next-generation cellular networks.

Huawei is just an equipment provider. In most cases, authorities must notify the network operators before obtaining access, and operators are not legally authorized to use the backdoor access themselves. It is these portals that Huawei has exploited, which goes against the industry standards because it is at the manufacturing end.

The use of the lawful interception interface is strictly regulated and can only be accessed by certified personnel of the network operators. FierceWireless's latest report counted as many as 200,000 consumers across the mostly getting their service from small and regional telcos that use Huawei equipment. The company also criticized USA officials for making such accusations "without providing any kind of concrete evidence".

Critics of that decision voiced concerns that the move could compromise the administration's trade negotiations with China and said equipment from Huawei is already deeply integrated into USA broadband infrastructure.



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