Apex Legends: Valentine's Day Rendezvous kicking off tonight Apex Legends

Duos return to Apex Legends tomorrow as part of Valentine's Day celebrations

Apex Legends' Valentine's Day Rendezvous event is now live and it'll bring back the highly-anticipated Duos mode, last seen in November and briefly during the Grand Soirée last month. Thanks to this game mode, players will be able to form teams of two instead of teams of three.

Apex Legends released a quick update overnight but there's a more significant change coming to the game later today.

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ALSO: Is there an Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release date? As a result, many players have to play games according to the style of play of people they are not accustomed to. This game mode will be part of Valentine's Day Rendezvous, which adds a few cosmetic equipment to the game.

If you've played EA and Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends, then you've probably fallen in love with a robotic character by the name of Pathfinder. This event comes in the wake of Apex's Season 4, which introduced a new Legend, Revenant, a cyber-ninja with talents that improve the survivability of both you and your allies. Additionally, anyone logging in before proceedings come to an end will earn the Valentine's 2020 badge. The "Lovefinder" gun charm showcases a Cupid-like version of everyone's favorite robot and the "Love of the Game" frame also returned from previous year to add some flair to player banners.

As we head into this duos-filled week, here's hoping you and your special someone find that Apex Legends Championship that will spice up your relationship... or at least having a fun time trying to get there. In addition, each player will be given double experience points.



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