What health trends could 2020 bring?

 Now that we are well into 2020, it is a great time to look ahead to what may happen over the coming year. Trying to predict what could occur is not always easy, but it is always great fun. From global political news to what could happen in sports, working out where everything may head is something we all like to do. Of course, getting on board with the latest trends early also means you don’t miss out on them and can use them in your own life.

 We all like to look after our health now and this has made the whole health and wellness industry key to modern life. But what big trends could 2020 deliver to try out?

 CBD tinctures to become increasingly popular

 The global market for CBD products has really taken off in recent years. Many predict that this will only grow in 2020 and beyond. This could see the whole CBD market be worth a staggering $20bn per year by 2024. When it comes to using CBD products for health, organic CBD tinctures from companies including CBD Luxe are sure to be a hot trend. These tinctures are made from the highest quality hemp and are easy to take. There is no smoking or inhaling required – all you do is place a drop or two of your chosen tincture under your tongue. The range on offer and the convenient way they allow you to access the health benefits of CBD is sure to make them a hit in 2020.

 More people to move to plant-based diets

 Another expected trend in health for 2020 is that plant-based diets will surge in popularity. As more coverage in the media is given to the benefits this way of eating can bring, it would seem sensible to think that more people will give it a go. The Vegan Society is even claiming that by 2040 only 40% of the global population will still be eating meat! This could begin to really take hold in the next year as more people ditch meat to focus on eating plant-based products and meals. This does not necessarily mean we will all go vegan – it’s more a trend around what we eat rather than avoiding using animal products entirely.

 Smart air purifiers to make an impact

 Climate change was a big deal in 2019 and the issue of clean air could be a major trend in 2020. The World Health Organization has reported that the air quality in many urban areas worldwide is far below safe levels. This could see more people take action to purify the air in their homes in the next 12 months. While air purifiers are nothing new, smart air purifiers are set to be a big deal as we move through 2020. These not only remove harmful pollutants from your home but also give you full details on what they are and how many have been removed.

 Mindful screen-time set to kick in

 When it comes to health trends in 2020, being mindful of the time we spend on our smartphones or tablets could be a big one. LED and florescent screens emit what is known as blue light when we use them. While this can boost your awareness, too much can also lead to eyesight issues or sleep problems. This next 12 months is expected to bring about calls for more mindful screen time and for people to only expose themselves to blue light when really needed.

 Sound bath healing

 Google reports that searches for this jumped a huge 285% come near the end of 2019, which could point to it being seen everywhere in 2020. This is a healing practice in much the same way as meditation – in fact, many people will meditate at the same time as they bathe in sound. The difference here is that special bowls and instruments are used to make relaxing sounds. As you sit and listen to these sounds, they activate various areas of your brain to help you feel calmer and more serene. As people continue to look for ways to keep their mental health in check, expect this to feature heavily in the next year.

 2020 is set to be an exciting year in health

 There is no doubt that we all like to look after our physical and mental health much more in the modern age. As we all begin to learn more about how important this is and how to go about it, we start to look for ways in which it can be done. If a lot of people start to choose the same path or product then it can cause major trends to explode throughout the year. As 2020 begins to move forward, the above are ones to watch in the health sector.




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