Valve Index sold out everywhere after Half-Life announcement

On launch day Valve teased a first party "flagship VR game", sparking some speculation about new Half Life and Left 4 Dead games, of course. It's clear that people are excited enough by Half-Life: Alyx that they want to buy an Index, and if Valve can't fulfill that demand, it could miss out on a very lucrative window for the headset.

The best way to play Half-Life: Alyx is sold out nearly everywhere in the world, but at least Valve hopes to replenish stocks before the game arrives in March. In brief, Valve's strategy of rekindling one of its cult franchises to propel sales of the VR hardware appears to have been more successful than it had expected.

However, Valve has made a fair old song and dance about how its Index headset will deliver the best VR experience for the game - with finger tracking via the controllers, for example (the fact is that the Index is just a great piece of hardware all round, as we cover in our full review of the device). The Full Kit package for the Index, which includes the headset, controllers and sensors, is completely sold out worldwide. Valve seems to have revamped its ordering pages with granular Index kit notification levels to prevent customer disillusionment. Valve also plans to have more stock in before Half-Life: Alyx ships in March, so keep an eye out if you are looking to buy.

Furthermore, on the subject of the depleted inventory, a Valve spokesperson told the website: "We are working hard to build more units and meet the high demand".

For those that wish to purchase either the headset and controllers bundle, or just the headset itself, you'll have to order from Japan to do so.



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