US Space Force reveals new earth-toned camouflage uniform and nametape

Space Force Reveals First Uniform and They Might Need a Redesign

It's been a big week for the newest branch of the USA military.

Space Force, which officially launched about a month ago, has only one member so far - Gen. John "Jay" Raymond, the Space Force Commander.

In response, Rupar mocked "Trump's Space Force" in a tweet that went viral.

The Twitter post by the U.S. Space Force immediately caused a stir on the internet, drawing thousands of reactions, including praise, mockery and criticism.

Airmen who are assigned to the Space Force will wear the nameplates over the battle uniform made with the same camouflage pattern now used by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army.

'Camo in space? WTF?

Others cast doubt on that logic, however, as the Pentagon, with its mammoth budget, has rarely been accused of playing Scrooge with its expenditure, burning through billions of tax dollars on such urgently needed items as $640 toilet seats and $7,600 coffee makers. Space Operators are on the ground, on Earth working with joint partners like the @usairforce and @USArmy. Some users questioned why a black print wasn't chosen, given the environment that space troops would theoretically be fighting in.

The 16,000 active duty airmen and civilians who served in the Air Force Space Command up until the moment the bill was signed, became part of the newly-minted Space Force.

Space Force, which is organized by the Department of the Air Force, later explained that it used "current Army/Air Force uniforms" to save costs.

It's got "U.S. SPACE FORCE" on the chest. and a "SPACE COMMAND" badge on the arm, right under the U.S. Flag. If something really is out's going to find you, moon camouflaged or not'.

President Donald Trump created the newest military branch on December 20.

Space Force has not yet revealed what its dress uniform will look like.



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