Two GM engineers arrested for street racing Chevy C8 Corvettes


Kentucky State Police spotted the pair of Corvettes and proceeded to pull the duo over before making the arrest.

Originally reported by Automobile, two General Motors employees were taken into custody on the evening of Wednesday, January 8 for "exceeding the posted 45-mph speed limit by more than 26 miles per hour, reckless driving and racing motor vehicles on a public road".

After the two men were arrested, the Corvettes were towed away to a nearby tow lot where they were collected the next day likely by representatives from the automaker.

Thim, was said to have been driving a red Corvette stingray at speeds of up to 120mph in the left hand side of Lovers Lane, while Derkatz was driving a white Corvette at speeds of 100mp on the right side of the road.

That doesn't quite tell the full story, however, U.S. reports by Automobile magazine and Kentucky's WNKY TV station state that Thim was clocked in one C8 at 120mph (193km/h), while Derkatz was caught in the other at 100mph (161km/h). The details laid out on the citation lead us to believe the two engineers could have more to worry about than a fine or needing to bum rides for a few months.

It said Bowling Green Assembly is the only location that builds the model of auto its employees had taken for a joyride.

General Motors released a statement to Automobile which said: "We are aware of an incident involving our test vehicles and are now investigating".

Alexander Thim, 27, and Mark Derkatz, 30, were stopped by police while racing the luxury cars down a Kentucky road.

Thim's profile shows he is a CAE (computer-aided engineering) engineer for GM.

The 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette.

It is unknown at this time if the two engineers will remain employed with General Motors after this incident.

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