Trump to become fan in chief at college football title game

Ed Orgeron and Dabo Swinney

But, the crowd loved Trump on Monday night when he and First Lady Melania took to the field before the national anthem kicked off ... with audible cheers from the headquarters. The most enigmatic, passionate coach in college football is up to his old tricks in New Orleans, and LSU fans can't help but get fired up after their coach exploded out of excitement just hours before the game.

Several members of Congress were attending the game with the Trumps, including Republican Sens.

"Hype video for tonight's NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Also ESPN helping Trump with his re-election campaign by doing a big production of him at the game".

"Your quarterback is fantastic, and some other players are fantastic", Trump said about LSU quarterback Joe Burrow in a local interview.

Trump spoke about the team while campaigning in the state for Republican candidates. Johnson also took to Instagram to share an announcement video, featuring the Black Adam star talking about what the fans should expect in the new series.

For LSU, this season has included major leaps forward for coach Ed Orgeron's program, including snapping an eight-game losing streak to SEC West rival Alabama and winning the SEC title for the first time since 2011.

Trump has become one of the most polarizing presidents of all time and seems to invoke a very strong reaction from many Americans, both Democrats and Republicans.



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