Trump blasts impeachment by 'radical left' and touts trade deals to farmers

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"It's much bigger and much better than I ever thought we'd get", he said.

President Donald Trump celebrated his recent trade deals Sunday before ranchers and farmers gathered at a convention for the nation's largest farm group.

"We did it", Trump said, recalling his campaign promises to improve America's trading relationships with other countries.

"We have heard repeatedly from farmers that they believe in the end of the trade fight with China", said John Herath, news director at Farm Journal, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The president's remarks came during the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual convention in Austin.

It included a pledge by China to purchase at least an additional US$12.5 billion worth of agricultural goods in 2020 and at least US$19.5 billion over the 2017 level of US$24 billion in 2021.

Ahead of the president's arrival in Austin, Trump touted the recent trade agreements, tweeting that farmers "hit "paydirt" with our incredible new Trade Deals: CHINA, JAPAN, MEXICO, CANADA, SOUTH KOREA, and many others!"

In Austin, Trump described the trade agreement with China as "groundbreaking" and said, "We're going to sell the greatest product you've ever seen".

The USMCA is expected to generate modest increases in US food and ag exports while preserving duty-free access for most USA farm goods to Mexico and Canada, a provision in place since NAFTA took effect in 1994.

Trump said in Austin that USA farmers will also benefit under USMCA, which he said will "massively boost exports" for farmers, ranchers, growers from "North to South" and "from sea to shining sea".

NAFTA had triggered a surge in trade among the three countries, but Trump and other critics blamed it for USA job losses brought about when American factories moved production south of the border to take advantage of low-wage labour in Mexico. "Tell me. I get impeached, that's what I get", Trump said. Although USMCA will not restore millions of jobs, it contains provisions that will reduce the incentive for American companies to relocate south of the border into Mexico. Trump said he would sign it after he returns from a trip to Europe this week.

"And what do I get out it?" "That's what I get". "By these radical left lunatics, I get impeached".

His Senate impeachment trial is set to begin in earnest on Tuesday.

According to the latest Farm Journal Pulse Poll, which featured responses from 1,286 farmers, President Trump received an approval rating of 83 percent, a point higher than the previous poll.



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