Toyota plans more jobs at IN plant

Toyota shifting pickup production to Mexico no US jobs lost

The Indiana plant also assembles the Toyota Sienna minivan moreover to the Highlander, which used to be redesigned for the 2020 mannequin-year.

It will stop producing the Toyota Tacoma by late 2021. It then designated the Baja plant for more Tacoma production in the meantime, beginning those operations in December. However, the decision to move Tacoma's production to Mexico may also make Toyota vulnerable to political heat.

Toyota Motor Corp 7203.T said on Friday it had invested an additional $700 million and added 150 new jobs to complete a $1.3 billion modernization program at its Princeton, Indiana factory.

The investment is part of a broader commitment from Japan's biggest automaker to invest $13bn in its U.S. operations over five years through 2021.

The production modifications, in step with a company spokesman, are created to community North American automobile assembly flowers in step with shared platforms and gentle-weight architectures to nick prices and fortify operational trail and competitiveness.

On top of that, the No. 1 automaker in Japan had also added in its Friday's (January 17th) statement that it would end production of its Toyota Sequoia in IN by 2022 in order to focus more on to mid-sized SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) alongside minivans over the narratives of a sluggish demand of passenger cars.

Toyota's San Antonio plant will focus on production of full-size, body-on-frame trucks and SUVs.

Toyota has already designated $7.1 billion of the total amount allotted for USA manufacturing, with its southwest IN plant celebrating the completion of a $1.3 billion investment on Friday.

Toyota's production plans come a day after the U.S. Senate popular america-Mexico-Canada Settlement, sending one in every of President Donald Trump's high priorities to his desk for ratification. Toyota said there would be no reduction to direct jobs at any of Toyota's facilities across North America as a result of the vehicle moves. Its production capacity for the Tacoma in Mexico will be about 266,000 per year. To date, Toyota has committed approximately $7.1 billion of the announced total; cumulative direct investment in the US exceeds $28.4 billion.

Toyota is moving production of its Sequoia large SUV to Texas.

Last summer, the Japan-based vehicle maker announced plans to spend $391,000,000 dollars on the South Side plant in order to produce multiple vehicle lines.



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