The Xbox Console Streaming Preview is Now Open to All Xbox Insiders

Microsoft expands Xbox Console Streaming Preview to more markets

While xCloud will eventually allow users to stream thousands of games to their devices from Microsoft's own servers, Xbox Console Streaming requires gamers to have the title now installed and running on their console as the streaming will occur locally in the user's home. According to Microsoft, this marks an important step in a "journey to deliver game streaming to Xbox players around the world".

If you live in any of the Xbox Live supported countries, you can now sign up for the Xbox Insider programme and receive an early version of an upcoming update (Preview Ring) that will allow you to test Xbox Console Streaming.

The Xbox Console Streaming Preview first launched last fall in October, so it's encouraging to see that it's now expanding outside the United Kingdom and us, potentially setting Microsoft up for an official release this fall alongside sales of the Xbox Series X.

An Android phone or tablet with at least Android 6.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.

You will also need an Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth, and a Microsoft Account with an Xbox Profile. Microsoft requires minimum upload speeds of 4.75 Mbps (9 Mbps is suggested) and a network latency of at least 125ms (60ms is preferred).

If anything needs work, the app will let you know. Once enabled, it allows owned and installed Xbox One games to be streamed over Wi-Fi to an Android phone or tablet.

Hit up the Google Play Store to download the app, and you'll be on your way.

Microsoft has been testing the Xbox Console Streaming feature for a while now. Even games included in Game Pass - so long as they're installed - can be streamed.



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